Make Up 101 - Every Bit Counts!

If you're using the new Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Matte like I am, this is a little gift from the makeup goddesses ;)

Get the last bit out of your container by turning it over - you should probably close it first ;) - and using something like a metal letter opener to pry off the bottom. I had no idea it actually came off! I'm running low..can you tell how desperate I am?! hahah..time to go get some more!

My bareMinerals Matte, I'm considering trying Valana Minerals though, they have tons of shades for brown skinned gals out can be really tough to find a great mineral make up that matches your tone. 
Have anyone of you tried Valana yet?

Anywho, back on there's a little lip you can use to pry off the bottom. 
I seriously can't believe the MacGyver in me didn't figure this out until after purchasing my second pot of make up!

Ah, my make up container is open and I'm not worrying about not having enough make up to last me til my order comes in the mail, yes!

That'll show that makeup pot! Get your full money's worth, riiiight?
~The Retro Natural


Maggi said...

I love bare minerals and I'm the same way trying to get that last bit out

Funbi said...

lol yes! Getting your full money's worth! I've never heard of bare minerals on this side of the world...I'm still a MAC girl but I'll need to do some research *types bareminerals in the google search bar* :D
Thanks for sharing!!


Evelyn said...

I feel you because mineral makeup is very expensive! I was a little disappointed when I bought my first one and noticed the lid. I thought, what the hec? But, yes, I will be prying that sucker open when it runs out! ;)

JazzFest said...

I just received my sample set. I really like it. I have dry skin and I was worried that it would dry out my skin but that wasn't the case. It was great for dark circles.Once it is applied it has to 'warm up' to you skin for a little while. But I was pleased with it the first time. My only thing is the a lot of my pimples are the same colour as my skin, so maybe I need a liquid primer, or a thick concealer to eliminate that.

Valana Minerals also has samples of their oil control powder...