Muscle Mania

Hey folks!

I've been managing a pretty busy schedule involving working out almost daily after work and once on the weekend. It's pretty much been a lot of eating, going to work, going home/to the gym to train, sleeping and running errands and doing food prep on the weekends. I really like weight lifting though, it's fun to see and feel your strength. I've been been more on the slender side but it dawned on me that I look much better with muscle. So I've been squatting and dead-lifting and tricep dipping  and plyometric-ing? ...and it's been fabulous. I'm sweating a lot more and getting in more water and more protein so it's been a very positive experience.  I did pull a trap muscle a week ago, luckily it's all healed up and I can bring it in the gym now! You're probably wondering what this has to do with the love of all things retro. Well, here's one thing:

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Yep, Ms. Marilyn. Lifting. I saw this photo in a friend's bathroom a long time ago and thought it was so amazing, because it's a simple yet captivating image.

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I think something odd happened in history with regard to women and weight lifting. It somehow became a "man's" thing and it isn't. There are tons of old photos you can view of women in the earlier days who had muscle and a bit of glam.  I never saw women lifting weights when I was younger. I only saw aerobics and maybe those 2 lbs dumbbells. Those are NOT weights. They're just not. My tape dispenser weighs more than that! So.. I'm way into building a stronger body that translates into that ultimate sense of glam and glitz from the old days.  I plan on continuing to be good to my body and keep it fit and lean with lots of curves ;)

Til next time!

~The Retro Natural


Britt said...

I absolutely love lifting and weight/resistance/circuit training -- cardio, not so much. It's weights that change my body composition, and when I actually make the time to go, I'm addicted and want to stay in the weight room for hours!

Ceecee said...

Hey Retro Natural :-). Women should definetly try weights,it's great for your bones. Do a little research ladies! Have you tried kettle bells? 15-20 minutes of circuit training with these babies and I'm done.

The Retro Natural said...

Thank you for your comments Britt and Ceecee! I had to give the weights a bit of a break because I was overtraining! I guess I got a little to excited there. So I'm slowing down and trying to maintain my muscle mass now rather than add on tons more. :)

I love kettle bells Ceecee, they're all you need for a full body workout if you know what you're doing! :D