Red Houndstooth Skirt Sewing Adventures!

I'm back with a little update from my last post and I'm happy to report that I made a decent skirt. Go me! I have this anxiety about sewing, I feel like I'm going to waste a bunch of fabric! I'm getting over it though. I'm trying to create one article of clothing each week. This will help with the need to hold off on starting a project. So I made the skirt and my next project was a playsuit for this weekend, also a success! Below are a few shots of my skirt/outfit. I tested it out on a date night at the Queen Mary. The plan was just to walk around but we stumbled on the Mods versus Rockers rally. There was live surf music and lots of classic mopeds and motorcycles. My phone wouldn't take good photos unless there was really great lighting..and there wasn't in the bar area. But I still got a few (sort of shoddy) snaps of my outfit in other areas of the boat. It was really fun goofing around..I think it'll be a common theme since it's so close to home.

A great shot of the pattern and the sheen, oh I love sheen! Plus background photo bombing objects.

I made the Missus a matching tie. She really liked it. We looked very dashing if I do say so myself! (Apologies on the chest shot, luckily my boobs aren't that big)

Sewing is officially my favorite hobby! I'm wearing the playsuit I made tomorrow
to a birthday party, photos to follow!
Til then,

~The Retro Natural


Miss Dre said...

You look gorgeous! And I think you did a great job on the skirt. Looking forward to seeing your future projects.

The Retro Natural said...

@Miss Dre, Thank you!! I have more to upload..I've been deep into this sewing hobby but thoroughly enjoying every moment :)