Where in the World is Retro Natural?

Oh my Lovelies,
(Lovelies sounds better so, I'm changing it up!)

I've been many things lately... tired, giddy, lazy, frustrated, stressed. But as of today, I'm feelin' pretty good! Shall i say a bit more balanced? Life can be too much at times. So much to do and so little time for the self. I've been trying to do just that for the past month. May was my birthday month so that meant even more time for the self albeit with tons of partying ;)

So as an "oops, sorry for going MIA" apology, here's a visual recap of what I've been up to.

I'm still semi MIA as I've turned off my facebook and haven't been doing videos either. (Can I just say that even with getting the right cords for my pc, I ran into yet another issue regarding a broken port for my internet cable?!) But I've been on Tumblr because it's just more interesting to me at the moment and doesn't require as much attention. Ah, that's it! I think I ran out of attention to give! However, I'm slowly filling that tank back up. So thank you all for not unsubscribing!

Went to a roof top party..dancing was performed. Fun was had!

I've been in the garden a bit with the Missus, I helped re-pot these aloe plants. 
This is the before photo lol *dusts hands off*

The Mustang is back and running like a dream,
 snapshot of a little trip to the market.

Went to eat at one of my favorite Thai food places that has really amazing customer service. Plus the clown fish is always entertaining, he snuggles in a bed of sea plants. Plus, plus, seaweed salad and sake are a nice pastime.

Had a Friday date night and walked to Congregation Ale House which has 
tons of micro brews ...it's a bit blasphemous (I dig that!) and it's very fun, 
also great customer service! T'was cold so we dressed warm and stayed toasty.

Met up with my sisters and visited the Pike.

We also killed zombies and monsters at the arcade and then headed to the beach. Easy breezy day!

Had coffee at a coffee shop I hadn't been to yet. 
Nice atmosphere but the vibe wasn't really me. Next!

Though, her coffee was pretty good!

Made a crochet hair flower and finally put the thing to use
..a bobby pin was all I needed.

Stared at things I wanted to get working, like this kerosene lamp 
that I still have yet to fill with kerosene. One day..

Used a fabulous coffee butter bar made by my friend Telle *waves*  
Suuuuch supple skin after slapping some of this on!

Went to one of my fav Hollywood spots for my pre-birthday celebrations 
...vegan shrimp and really good sour soup

 After food noms and whatnot, I danced to drum n bass and got really sore..I look happy here but I think I was in pain the next morning.
 I dance hard, wouldn't want it any other way! 

I also continued my dancing fever at a Flux Pavillion show, 
this time, dubstep, hard, loud, dubstep ..oh how I love thee! I was recovering from a cold and a lot of youngsters couldn't seem to handle their alcohol/drugs/jealous lovers but I had a good time!

Celebrated Pride with friends and went to a very hot club, proceeded to sweat profusely as I danced, walked back to the car clammy and caught a cold!

Went on a artsy date to see Cafe Vida, it was a really good play!
 I look awkward but I just wanted the poster to show lol..

Annnnd..now I'm just working and trying to keep it mellow.. Hope you enjoyed the visuals, do you forgive me for being absent? Do ya?? I totally would have failed grade school at this rate, huh?

May was crazy but June will be a simple month of simple activities. Don't confuse simple with boring though. I have an erotica reading to go to and while I won't be boozing it up nor dancing all night, it'll be very sensual indeed! So, til next time and it won't be over a month until "next time" comes around!

~The Retro Natural


Desiree said...

Busy, busy. It's great that you're good at taking pictures of stuff you do because I'm not always so good at that. Show us a close-up of your hair flower! You and your boo have such a good time together, it seems. My heart, it is warmed.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Great pics and yummy food! That butter bar looks fab, I really like hand made things like that :)

Erika said...

Happy belated! It's great to *see* you! Lovely pics :D

Ambrosia034 said...

Love the pics! Glad to see you enjoyed your month of celebrating!

I am glad you're slowing down for a bit so you can recuperate from all of that fun. :-)

jhenny53 said...

Glad your back, I have only recently begun to follow your blog. I had to let you know you were my wedding day hair inspiration...THANK YOU

The Retro Natural said...

@ Desiree, coming right up, I've been crocheting more hair baubles so I'll dedicate a post to them! and thanks for such a warm comment!

@ Dolly, I’ve used up one and luckily my amiga gave me one for my dear, it’s soo softening, I think I’ll be stealing away her bar too haha!

@ Erika, thanks! If there’s one thing I can manage to do, it’s snap a couple of photos along the way :D ..getting them up in a timely manner..well… ;D

@ Ambrosia, I look forward to having you and the other sistren back in Long Beach, we’ll have to actually plan it out..after recuperation though! 

@ Jhenny, wow, you look gorgeous on your special day!! I love the orange/tan and your hair looks lovely..I think I’d go for an updo because the hair accessories are so pretty with updo styles! I’m honored to have been a wedding day style inspiration to someone, thank you and CONGRATS!!! 