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Hello, Lovies!

I recently won a raffle to have a hair styling session at Mahogany Hair Revolution here in Los Angeles so I scheduled my appointment for this past Sunday.. I was pretty happy to be able to have my hair done by someone else for a change, it can get a bit tiring doing it yourself all of the time, ya know? I wanted to get some big voluminous hair (a la Tracee Ellis Ross if possible - I didn't have a photo so that may have helped a bit more) but I actually ended up with tendrils..Shirley temple curls I suppose? It wasn't the look I was going for and they were pretty but I realized when I got home that my hair + Shirley temple curls = tangles after about two days. I've been noticing my hair tangling more often so I decided I had to brush it out before it got to that point. While I was initially happy to have my hair done at a salon, I wasn't used to being in a salon for such a long time and being there for 7+ hours was very daunting for me. It's awesome that I style my own hair on a normal basis I suppose. :)

 The Shirley temple curls

 Today, after brushing out my hair
Being in the chair did give me a bit of styling enthusiasm so I plan to get back in the mirror and see what I can come up with. I got some tips on helping my ends (even though I trimmed recently, grr!) and getting the product residue off my scalp completely so I was happy to get some suggestions that will help the overall health of my hair.  I think I may have to wash my hair tomorrow as there's more oil than I imagined on my hair.  I'm not used to feeling oil when I touch my hair so I think washing is the only way to go. I'm grateful to the Mahogany team but I think DIY is best for this gal. The best part though is getting your hair feeling in the world!

~The Retro Natural


Dolly Cool Clare said...

7 hours? Wow! That is some session just for styling! My color takes around 4.5 hours in total, so I'm really glad my hair grows slowly and I only get it done every 3 months! I like the styles you do yourself anyway - no stylist required! ;)

The Retro Natural said...

Thanks!! I always dig my fun styling sessions cause I have these a ha moments! :)