Turning a New Leaf

Hello, retro lovers!

I've been thinking about the blog for the past (checks calendar) two months or so and I've come up with a nice compromise for myself. Tweak the blog (design makeover, yay!) to focus on other areas of life that interest me but keep it light and simple. I've always had a strong interest in practicing elegance so that it becomes second nature and being a gracious lady as many women of the past so effortlessly were. My clothing will be highlighted and while some of it will be more modern, many items I have will be older items that that give a nod to old money fashion - because not only are these style of clothing vintage, they last a very long time and that's of great interest to me. 

For example, this old Land's End polka dot sweater:

Just posted about it as a favorite and I've had it for years now. It's lasted the test of time. I didn't realize it when I purchased it at an old thrift shop in Riverside but it was a great long lasting gem.

Now, luckily, I've finally upgraded my phone and I can post a bit more easily and freely from anywhere - with wifi but still, this is a big step up for me. 

I'm continuing on Instagram so feel free to add me if you're so inclined: @gogogadgetretro.  I had quite a long hiatus as my IOS couldn't be updated on the old (ancient) iPhone I was using. But I feel a sense of pride in reporting that no hipster who "lovesold things has used a 3Gs iPhone longer than I have, I highly doubt that. It was practically vintage.

So, thank to those of you who stuck in there and still check in! I will continue but I will write when the urge strikes and make another attempt to just have a good time with it. 




Insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I haven't blogged since October (falling off the wagon is so shameful at times lol) and I have to wonder.. am I still truly interested in blogging? Do I just need another platform? I've downsized the number of social media outlets I log into. I'm on Tumblr and have been for some time now but I've rekindled our relationship. It's nice for me because it brings together all the stuff aside from hair and fashion that I think about. There's a lot going on in the world right now regarding people of color. Sometimes that needs to be addressed. But this isn't quite the place to do so, at least that's how I feel. So I fall off over and over again because other stuff is going on. I  wonder too if my absence has driven viewers away at times. So I thought I'd check in and find out if people are still around as I ponder about my next steps... are ya followers?

Anywho, though my style fluctuates between more modern and a bit of retro flair, I think my hair has been more modern. I've been opting for less manipulation and my styles change up a lot. Does one keep a retro hair blog if no retro hair is to be seen?  Who knows what will come of it all. What I do know is that at the very least, I'll leave my blog up for inspiration.

I'm going to go ponder some more.

Enjoy your Sunday, retro lovers.


Muscle Mania

Hey folks!

I've been managing a pretty busy schedule involving working out almost daily after work and once on the weekend. It's pretty much been a lot of eating, going to work, going home/to the gym to train, sleeping and running errands and doing food prep on the weekends. I really like weight lifting though, it's fun to see and feel your strength. I've been been more on the slender side but it dawned on me that I look much better with muscle. So I've been squatting and dead-lifting and tricep dipping  and plyometric-ing? ...and it's been fabulous. I'm sweating a lot more and getting in more water and more protein so it's been a very positive experience.  I did pull a trap muscle a week ago, luckily it's all healed up and I can bring it in the gym now! You're probably wondering what this has to do with the love of all things retro. Well, here's one thing:

Photo credit: selvedgeyard.com

Yep, Ms. Marilyn. Lifting. I saw this photo in a friend's bathroom a long time ago and thought it was so amazing, because it's a simple yet captivating image.

Photo credit: selvedgeyard.com

I think something odd happened in history with regard to women and weight lifting. It somehow became a "man's" thing and it isn't. There are tons of old photos you can view of women in the earlier days who had muscle and a bit of glam.  I never saw women lifting weights when I was younger. I only saw aerobics and maybe those 2 lbs dumbbells. Those are NOT weights. They're just not. My tape dispenser weighs more than that! So.. I'm way into building a stronger body that translates into that ultimate sense of glam and glitz from the old days.  I plan on continuing to be good to my body and keep it fit and lean with lots of curves ;)

Til next time!

~The Retro Natural

An End of Summer Update

Hello retro lovers,

I'm cringing a little as I type this. It's been months since I've posted. I've been focused on work and working out lately.  Of course I try to have some fun when I can...necessary in this life!  I've been weight lifting since January of 2013 and I'm in wonderful shape! I don't think I've been looking 'as retro' as I could and I don't document my outfits often so the photos are somewhat lacking but I do have a visual recap for ya of what I've been getting into.

Most of my Spring/Summer clothing aren't as vintage looking as I'd like them to be. Plus I've gained a bit of muscle (welcome to the gun show!) so some things no longer fit me at all. I've donated old stuff I no longer wear... I suppose it's time for a new wardrobe? Perhaps for my birthday ;)

But enough of that.. here's your photo recap!

A workday, in one few very old dresses.
A sporty day at the beach, but not so much in that water.
Again, welcome to the gun show!

From my birthday brunch. The dress is extremely 80s, very rare for me.

Getting a good sweat in at the gym, I'm one of the few gals in there :-D
Me on the court, I'm actually pretty good at tennis!

I went to the super old school arcade.

Hiking in Ojai, breathtakingly beautiful and serene

The place I stayed at in Ojai had a trampoline. It exhausted me in under 3 minutes!

That about wraps it up, I do hope you enjoyed :)  I do hope to have a hair pictorial sooner or later. I've been doing more up-dos to keep my hair in more simple and protective styles. I plan to wear it curly rather than straight, it's just time for a change.  I trust that all of you are doing well and enjoying the start of a lovely Fall season.

Til next time!


Next Stop: Relaxation!

Howdy retro lovers!

I'm due for a post and I'm also due for some relaxation so how about a combination??  I'm going camping soon and I'm so excited to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I'll be listening to the radio station that is nature for a few days and frolicking through the wilderness.

Now, there are some who go camping and go au natural, but for me, I enjoy my makeup no matter where I am. Some people don't seem to understand that for me (and countless others), makeup isn't for them. It's for me. The answer to the question: If RetroNatural is alone in the forest, does she still apply makeup? ...is yep!  Don't believe me?  Exhibit A.

Water and makeup.. plus other survival essentials!

Here are a few more photos from camping trips that this ultra femme enjoys going on :)

My headquarters, Long Beach
Snapshot on the road to Pasadena

I made it to the top of Henninger Flats, yes those are toe shoes.. don't judge me! ;)

A lovely view from Henninger Flats. You're above the clouds!

I'm counting down and looking forward to sitting around, doing nothing, eating, napping and being an explorer in nature.  Have you been camping recently? Do you bring your makeup bag?  I love seeing makeup enthusiasts in nature, so send a link if you've got one :)


Statement Pieces - The Cape

Heyyyy retro-lovers!

I wanted to show off one of my most loveliest outerwear pieces - a great cape I found at a vintage shop, perhaps a year or two ago. I haven't had a chance to wear it because I couldn't pair it together with other pieces but I've finally worn it and have found that it makes me feel pretty sophisticated and super elegant.

It's a nice plaid pattern of green and mustard with a nice mustard colored lining and gold colored buttons. Plus, it's got pockets..verrrry important, yes?  I wore it with a tan colored sweater top and whiskey colored wing tip heels.  Browns or neutrals seems to go best with it. Spring is almost here so I'm not sure how many more times I can wear this but, the less I wear it, the longer it'll last? Behold! ;)

Do you have a statement piece that's been rockin' your world? Do tell me about it or link me to your photos!



I'm Back! ..and Happy New Year!

Hello fellow retro lovers! Happy New Year to you! I realize that I totally missed 2013..whoooops!

It's been a verrrrrrry long time since I've written in my blog. You know how it goes, you get enthusiastic about posting and after some time passes, you either get just a big lazy or you get super busy. It's been both of those scenarios for me. But, I do want to contribute to the retro world as it's very dear to my heart :) 

I may not post as often but hopefully there's still someone out paying attention! 

I've taken a break from my usual retro 'do because the rollers and extra heat do quite a number on my hair. It's good to take a break from time to time and re-evaluate. I've been curly more often than not and sometimes straighten my hair for a week or so. 

My straight hair and my morning cup of tea before cleaning.  

I know heat damage is pretty much a part of the process if I'm wearing my hair a certain style so I alternate. 

Sometimes I'm more curly-modern.

I've had crazy knots and split ends too so I cut my hair a little and that makes a huge difference. It's interesting, I don't miss having the longest of hair because I still manage to have fun with it. I think it's due to my desire to wear my natural hair. My confidence has increased so much that it doesn't matter how my hair is, I usually love it. Score! 

My selfie hair cut, not too shabby!

So, I've been here and there and enjoying life, working out a lot more and trying not to sweat the small stuff. I hope you all have been well, do let me know what you've been up to! I can't promise not to disappear because, well, you know lol. But! I think I'm getting back into the posting spirit. Huzzah for that! 

Til next time,


More Sewing with Houndstooth + My Romper!

Hello there, lovelies!

I've been at it again, having some splendid fun sewing!

I revamped a sweater u got that was a but too big. 
It's Summer so I figured why bother with long sleeves? Off they came!

    I added a fee darts which wasn't hard at all and then sewed the sides.

There was some puckering near the shoulders so I added in something that was a combination of a dart and pleat... or maybe I just made something up altogether, I really don't know lol. But I'm pleased with the end result. I've worn it out twice and it's comfy and perfect for a warm evening! The cherry on top was the
 bow I made from scraps. Go Go Gadget Retro!!

Once again, sewing is officially my favorite hobby! I'd like to get into latex clothing in the future, I love shiny materials! ;)

Oh and I finished that romper, here's me modeling my own creation. I had soooo little fabric, I wasn't sure I'd be able to actually pull it off..but it was successful...though I did scorch the pattern a tiny bit with an iron!

Til next time!

The Retro Natural

Red Houndstooth Skirt Sewing Adventures!

I'm back with a little update from my last post and I'm happy to report that I made a decent skirt. Go me! I have this anxiety about sewing, I feel like I'm going to waste a bunch of fabric! I'm getting over it though. I'm trying to create one article of clothing each week. This will help with the need to hold off on starting a project. So I made the skirt and my next project was a playsuit for this weekend, also a success! Below are a few shots of my skirt/outfit. I tested it out on a date night at the Queen Mary. The plan was just to walk around but we stumbled on the Mods versus Rockers rally. There was live surf music and lots of classic mopeds and motorcycles. My phone wouldn't take good photos unless there was really great lighting..and there wasn't in the bar area. But I still got a few (sort of shoddy) snaps of my outfit in other areas of the boat. It was really fun goofing around..I think it'll be a common theme since it's so close to home.

A great shot of the pattern and the sheen, oh I love sheen! Plus background photo bombing objects.

I made the Missus a matching tie. She really liked it. We looked very dashing if I do say so myself! (Apologies on the chest shot, luckily my boobs aren't that big)

Sewing is officially my favorite hobby! I'm wearing the playsuit I made tomorrow
to a birthday party, photos to follow!
Til then,

~The Retro Natural

Sew into Sewing!

Hello lovelies!

I've been trying my hand at sewing and it's going much better than I expected! I'll show you all the outcome of this gorgeous houndstooth print soon, it's for a special but totally free outing to go see Raphael Saadiq perform Bon Dylan classics. I made a matching tie for the Dear One and we plan to go out in style :)

I'll have some photos for ya soon enough as the show is this Saturday!

~The Retro Natural

Now on Instagram!

It woulda been nice to give you all my Instagram handle wouldn't it?
If you've got it, find me, I'm GoGoGadgetRetro :)

One of my recent looks.

~The Retro Natural

A Mid Summer BENT Dream

Hello Lovelies!

I don't know how many Los Angeles followers I have out there but if you're one of them and want to attend a very fun, very entertaining drag performance show - along with burlesque and belly dancing tossed in the mix - I'll be headlining at A Mid Summer BENT Dream. Proceeds benefit the Equal Rights Campaign. Fun and fundraising all at once! Plus you get a raffle ticket if you wear a mustache or wings ...who doesn't love a reason to don a 'stache or fairy wings? Grab your tickets by clicking here :)

My Hair Recently

Simple roll and a low bun. Protective styles all the way!

~ The Retro Natural

Project More Hair Flowers

Hello Lovelies!

I've made some more hair flowers for the Summer. Yellow and white are perfect colors that go with almost anything.

Next hair flower project will be getting some pretty reds and pinks into the mix! I think I'll show off my hair scarves next though. What are you current favorite accessories?


Where in the World is Retro Natural?

Oh my Lovelies,
(Lovelies sounds better so, I'm changing it up!)

I've been many things lately... tired, giddy, lazy, frustrated, stressed. But as of today, I'm feelin' pretty good! Shall i say a bit more balanced? Life can be too much at times. So much to do and so little time for the self. I've been trying to do just that for the past month. May was my birthday month so that meant even more time for the self albeit with tons of partying ;)

So as an "oops, sorry for going MIA" apology, here's a visual recap of what I've been up to.

I'm still semi MIA as I've turned off my facebook and haven't been doing videos either. (Can I just say that even with getting the right cords for my pc, I ran into yet another issue regarding a broken port for my internet cable?!) But I've been on Tumblr because it's just more interesting to me at the moment and doesn't require as much attention. Ah, that's it! I think I ran out of attention to give! However, I'm slowly filling that tank back up. So thank you all for not unsubscribing!

Went to a roof top party..dancing was performed. Fun was had!

I've been in the garden a bit with the Missus, I helped re-pot these aloe plants. 
This is the before photo lol *dusts hands off*

The Mustang is back and running like a dream,
 snapshot of a little trip to the market.

Went to eat at one of my favorite Thai food places that has really amazing customer service. Plus the clown fish is always entertaining, he snuggles in a bed of sea plants. Plus, plus, seaweed salad and sake are a nice pastime.

Had a Friday date night and walked to Congregation Ale House which has 
tons of micro brews ...it's a bit blasphemous (I dig that!) and it's very fun, 
also great customer service! T'was cold so we dressed warm and stayed toasty.

Met up with my sisters and visited the Pike.

We also killed zombies and monsters at the arcade and then headed to the beach. Easy breezy day!

Had coffee at a coffee shop I hadn't been to yet. 
Nice atmosphere but the vibe wasn't really me. Next!

Though, her coffee was pretty good!

Made a crochet hair flower and finally put the thing to use
..a bobby pin was all I needed.

Stared at things I wanted to get working, like this kerosene lamp 
that I still have yet to fill with kerosene. One day..

Used a fabulous coffee butter bar made by my friend Telle *waves*  
Suuuuch supple skin after slapping some of this on!

Went to one of my fav Hollywood spots for my pre-birthday celebrations 
...vegan shrimp and really good sour soup

 After food noms and whatnot, I danced to drum n bass and got really sore..I look happy here but I think I was in pain the next morning.
 I dance hard, wouldn't want it any other way! 

I also continued my dancing fever at a Flux Pavillion show, 
this time, dubstep, hard, loud, dubstep ..oh how I love thee! I was recovering from a cold and a lot of youngsters couldn't seem to handle their alcohol/drugs/jealous lovers but I had a good time!

Celebrated Pride with friends and went to a very hot club, proceeded to sweat profusely as I danced, walked back to the car clammy and caught a cold!

Went on a artsy date to see Cafe Vida, it was a really good play!
 I look awkward but I just wanted the poster to show lol..

Annnnd..now I'm just working and trying to keep it mellow.. Hope you enjoyed the visuals, do you forgive me for being absent? Do ya?? I totally would have failed grade school at this rate, huh?

May was crazy but June will be a simple month of simple activities. Don't confuse simple with boring though. I have an erotica reading to go to and while I won't be boozing it up nor dancing all night, it'll be very sensual indeed! So, til next time and it won't be over a month until "next time" comes around!

~The Retro Natural